07 August 2017


Ya these guys are gonna be fun, I like the look and the stats look great.

I'm not wild about the hoses that connect the arms to the back sections but overall the suits look fun!

13 July 2017

Color Pallet Test

So threw some paint on one of the new Primaris Lieutenants for the Salamanders. Base color is Army Builder Greenskin, with a nuln wash. I will probably go back and highlight with the base color to lighten it up a bit. Over all I'm happy with the look. Photo isn't perfect as its off the phone, I'll get out the good gear for some final photos when things are done.

25 October 2016

Dreadtober week 4

Well best laid plans and all.  I did not complete the challenge
that was put forward but I did get paint on models which I haven't done in quite awhile.

I had some set backs that really set me back a week but really at the end of the day I just didn't put in the effort that I needed too. 

I did finally get all the dreads a base coat of green.  The issue is the newer batches of my green are a shade off and just a little duller green.  I was very disappointed in that.

I got more block work done on the primary Contemptor and his brother came in the mail week two.  He got his base coat with Brother Ashmantle and will be painted up as a twin of the first.

Brother Ashmantle has his base green, and I've started his gold super structure.  I was a bit worried it was too much when I started but I think once I get the ink on and get some details it will mellow out.

He will be mostly detail work to really highlight the model.

10 October 2016

Dreadtober week 1

Week one did not end so well.  Time issues kept me from getting any prime and base coats on the dreads.  As I had a free weekend this past weekend I looked forward to making a lot of progress.  Well that didn't go as planned.

The dreads and some other models sitting around got their black prime coat done with only a small airbrush issue.  That was fixed early Saturday morning with a friends advice who uses this same basing airbrush more often.  Base coats on we gave them some time to cure and fired up the new green.

Well that just sucked.  The paint came out with a consistency of water, making it next to impossible to get a good coat on the models.  Due to his smooth surfaces the contempotor finally took a solid coat after three passes.  He has now become the focus of my efforts for the time being.

I have two new bottles of paint on order and hopefully it was a bad mix.  We shall see when they get here later this week.

Brother Ashmantle did not fair so well, with his volume of detail and sharp edges the paint just rain off him or pooled in places that had to be caught quickly.  He's the one I really wanted to concentrate on this cycle as I've had him sitting around for quite awhile.

There is your update for week one, hopefully week two will be much more productive.  I still think I'm on a good track for the contemptor but  now a very tight track for Ashmantle.

09 October 2016

Dreadtober color tracker

Quick post that I can update keeping track of the colors used for Dreadtober and the new Salamanders color scheme.

Vallejo Black Surface Primer for Airbrush
Badger Minitaire Fresh Grass
Army Painter Warpaints Gun Metal
Army Painter Warpaints Army Green
Vallejo Model Color Panzer Series Hull Red
Citadel Base Warplock Bronze
Army Painter Warpaints Flat Black
Citadel Base Balthasar Gold
Army Painter Warpaints Greedy Gold

01 October 2016

Welcome to Dreadtober

This year I'm taking the challenge started by the folks over at Brokenpaintbrush.com to work on dreadnought or dreadnought style 40k minis in the month of October.  Its a chance to challenge yourself to get paint on a model.

As most folks know I have a horrible follow through on painting my minis.  This will be a good chance to focus on a character model I've had for quite a while and will make a nice show piece for my Salamanders restart.  Because most of the base color work also needs to be done on his simpler cousin the 30k contemptor I'm going to push myself to do both.

My friends Dan and Glenn of The Narrative Guys have also thrown in on the challenge, check out their work while they also plan to run a fantastic local event and some really nice narrative gaming at LVO 2017

My models have already been assembled and Ashmantle has paint on him, but both will be repainted with a new color of green that I've chosen for my Salamanders.  The painting time should be tomorrow as today was spent on prep and getting my space cleared to paint.

I'll try to track the colors used as much as I can and put in at least weekly progress reports.

01 April 2016

They return

Slowly but surely the marines take shape once more. I started out with an extra sprue ordered off of ebay so that I could maximize the amount of special weapons available to the new force.
 What is shown here are all of the heavy bolters and plasma guns built out. I've also got one each of the other weapons. The plan is to build each squad with a melta an missile launcher as standard and then have a few flamers and plasma to augment. The heavy bolters will probably form the core of my devastator squad. I really want some of the new HH era heavy weapons but I don't need 5 of each!!!

Not shown here are the 6 packs of salamander shoulder pads and the metal tactical and assault team shoulder pads picked up from the GW store Wednesday.